Oh hey there! We have been waiting for you! Welcome to the magical universe of The RItz & Famous.

If you've purchased or you're simply contemplating one of our pieces,  we already consider you a member of our club.  We created The Ritz & Famous because of years of struggle and search to find meaningful jewelry that we could connect with.  If you only saw all the samples, tests and trials of all the sad rejected jewelry sitting in our drawers because of this quest!  I guess the time has finally come to send them to recycle land.

Well, this quest lead us to strike the right balance between quality and price.

TRAF offers a line of affordably-priced, quality pieces, that  let you indulge in the modern world of luxury and where its no longer about the price tag,. It's about wearing well made pieces created with purpose that make you feel the type of confidence that comes from feeling authentically yourself. This is about taking the time to spoil yourself without misspending and experiencing empowerment  without the price tag.

You are officially in the know - welcome to the club where inspiring jewelry is now within your  reach.